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East Rumbrook Dog Park

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  1. Dog Park

The East Rumbrook Dog Park is located at East Rumbrook Park at the end of the parking lot. This one acre dog run has a fenced in area for small dogs and a fenced in area for all dogs.  In addition to the dog run, dog owners are allowed to walk their dogs on a leash on a wood trail.


East Rumbrook Dog Park Rules

Friends of the East Rumbrook Dog Park, Inc.

Friends of the East Rumbrook Dog Park, Inc.was formed in 2010. It is a 501(3)c non-profit association. Those who wish to become members of the association pay an annual dues of $20. We have monthly meetings with officials from the Town of Greenburgh to discuss maintenance and improvements to our park. An annual 'DOG SWIM’ being held at Anthony F. Veteran Park is conducted by the Town of Greenburgh Parks & Recreation Dept., with the participation of the FRIENDS OF THE EAST RUMBROOK DOG PARK. Other activities developed at the meetings are directed toward raising funds for the park’s amenities. Last year a water fountain was purchased by the association and this year we will add more trees and benches. 

FRIENDS OF THE EAST RUMBROOK DOG PARK is growing daily and we look forward to your membership to help make the park an even more fantastic place for all dogs.