Can I have a Home Occupation in a Single-Family?

Home occupations are defined as any use customarily conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on only by the residents thereof, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes, does not change the character thereof, does not have any exterior evidence of such secondary use, other than a permitted nameplate, and does not involve merchandising, trade, commercial repair or service, manufacturing or processing or the exchanging of commodities by sale. Any business enterprise or activity which shall require a license of the county or state shall be deemed not to be a home occupation. Regulations for home occupations can be found in the Zoning Ordinance under sections 285-36C and parking requirements under 285-38

Additionally, New York State Appendix J states (AJ102.5):  A home occupation shall be conducted wholly within the primary structure on the premises with the following conditions:


1. The home occupation shall meet all requirements for habitable space and shall not exceed 15 percent of the floor area of the primary structure.

2. No more than one person not residing in the dwelling unit may be employed in the home occupation.

3. Inventory and supplies shall not occupy more than 50 percent of the area permitted to be used as a home occupation.

4. The home occupation shall not involve any operation considered to be hazardous.

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