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Posted on: June 5, 2020

[ARCHIVED] Info-how to file grievance-deadline June 16

.This is a link to information on the Greenburgh website -how to challenge your town assessment. You have until June 16th

 If you feel that your assessment is not accurate...This is a link to information on the Greenburgh website -how to challenge your town assessment. You have until June 16th to file a grievance. Check the Assessor’s department on our website if you want to learn more.  PAUL FEINER

ON REAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT GUIDANCE (UNINCORPORATED TOWN OF GREENBURGH AND ALL VILLAGES) (Residential 1, 2, or 3 family homes) Although the assessment staff is very knowledgeable to answer your questions, the volume of applicants that file during grievance period will limit the time we have to spend with each of you. That is why we are providing this Q&A sheet. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have. Please note that this Q&A sheet only relates to the Town of Greenburgh’s grievance process. Date: June 1st – 16th. We will only accept applications during that period. Application: RP-524. Can be downloaded from NYS website: Proof needed: In addition to the application, we would recommend either an appraisal by a licensed NYS Certified Appraiser or a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from a Realtor. (see below for criteria) Cost to file grievance application: $0.00 (as of 2020) Below are some helpful answers to questions you may have. HOW CAN I DETERMINE WHAT THE TOWN FEELS MY HOME IS WORTH? Since 2016, the Town of Greenburgh (including all villages) has been assessed at 100%. That means your assessment, on the 2020 assessment roll, should equal your true market value (value as of July 1 of 2019). If you feel that the value on the roll is higher than your market value, you can look into challenging it through the grievance process. WHAT AM I REALLY CHALLENGING? You are challenging what the Town believes your home is worth. We have an opinion; you have an opinion. Who’s right? The burden of proof is on the owner and the Town’s estimate is right until proven wrong. In order to challenge the Town’s value and prove it is wrong, you have to formally apply for a review of your assessment. That is what the grievance period is all about. IF AN APPLICATION IS MAILED TO OUR OFFICE, CAN IT BE POSTMARKED BY THE DEADLINE? NO. All applications need to be in the assessor’s office by June 16th 9:00pm, regardless of postmark. (Covid-19 update) See the last page of this document for specific filing instructions due to this year’s circumstances. SHOULD I HIRE A COMPANY THAT SPECIALIZES IN THIS OR CAN I FILE MYSELF? That’s a judgment call. Do your research. Here are the options: 1. Hiring a company that specializes in challenging assessments. There are many companies that specialize in this sort of work; some with better reputations than others. What they do is file paperwork and represent you through the process. Their fee can range from 50% to 100% of the first years tax savings. In other words, if they reduce your taxes by $2,500, expect to be charged $1,250 to $2,500 for their services. Some companies may even charge you for an appraisal in addition to their service fee. DO YOUR RESEARCH. We cannot recommend a company. or 2. File the grievance on your own. If you file the papers on your own, you should obtain either of the following: a. Appraisal by a Certified NYS Appraiser- These usually cost $300-$750. This is the best evidence you can provide. Local banks or Realtors might have some appraiser’s names for you. b. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)- These are usually provided by a Real Estate Agent or Broker and generally do not cost anything. Almost all brokers have different ways of presenting a CMA but the Town does ask for certain criteria in order for it to be accepted. This market analysis needs to contain photos (preferably date stamped) of your home taken by the homeowner or the Realtor (areas such as kitchen, basement, backyard, etc.; the more the better) and a letter by the broker/agent indicating the dollar amount they would list your home if it were to go on the market as of July 1, 2019. Just like a formal appraisal, comparables used in the submitted CMA must also include value adjustments. Please note: You do not actually have to list your house with the broker. CMAs are a service that a Realtor may provide. They may or may not charge for this service. There are a lot of variations and combinations to their services so as mentioned, do your research and choose the way you are most comfortable. Remember: The contract you have with any service or Realtor is between the both of you. The Town has no control or responsibility except to take your application and proof of value for the Board of Assessment Review who will make a determination as to whether or not you provided enough evidence to warrant lowering your assessment. WHAT IF I DO THE RESEARCH AND FILE MYSELF? You can submit anything you want that will assist the Board of Assessment Review in determining the correct market value of your property (outside of an appraisal or CMA) but it may not hold as much weight as an independent third party appraisal or market analysis by a Realtor. WHAT IF I SIGN UP WITH MORE THAN ONE COMPANY THAT FILES ON BEHALF OF AN OWNER? ONLY one application should be filed per property. You should only file with one representative. IF I DO SUBMIT AN APPRAISAL OR CMA, DO I NEED ANY OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS? An appraisal or a CMA (as long as it meets the criteria) should be good enough however any documentation that assists in the determination of establishing a market value can also be helpful. If, however, you bought your property in the past two years, please attach your Hud-1 closing statement as well (Click here to see sample Hud-1 form). IF I SCHEDULE TO APPEAR, DO I GET A QUICKER DECISION OR PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT? No. All applicants will receive their decision by September 15 (unless that date lands on a weekend, then decisions will be published the following Monday), however, you may want to check if the Town is meeting homeowners informally (May-June). To find out, call the Assessor’s office (989-1520). WHY AM I ONLY LIMITED TO FILE IN JUNE AND IF GRANTED, WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR FOR A REDUCED TAX BILL? Under NYS RPTL (Real Property Tax Law), June is the date that the tentative assessment is published. When you challenge your assessment in June, you will be attempting to change an assessment that will affect the following year’s taxes based on the Westchester County Charter. WILL YOU INCREASE MY TAXES IF I FILE? No, we will not increase your assessment just by filing a petition. However, if improvements were made to your home without a building permit, we will be obligated to correct our inventory. OK, I FILED WITH YOU ON TIME. WHAT’S NEXT? You submit your application and documentation between June 1st and June 16th. Upon receiving your application you will be asked to enter your name in a binder at our counter. You now have a choice. You can choose to appear on the third Tuesday in June to present your assessment reduction request in person or if you have sufficient proof you may just file as a non-appearance. As noted earlier, you will not have a better chance, or get a quicker decision, if you appear in person. Your submitted paperwork is your evidence. WHAT IF I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE BOARDS DECISION? You will receive the Board of Assessment Review’s (BARs) determination by Sept 15. At that time, if you are not satisfied with their decision, you will have 30 days (Sept 15 to Oct 15) to file an appeal (called a Small Claim Assessment Review) with Westchester County. This will be explained to you in the decision letter you receive from us in September. The Small Claims is a County level process and all questions will need to be addressed with them. HOW DO I FILL OUT THE GRIEVANCE APPLICATION (RP-524)? Attached is a sample application. 

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