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May 20, 2020

Town Court - COVID-19 UPDATE – As of May 20, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE – As of May 20, 2020
Pursuant to directives from the Chief Administrative Judge of the State of New York and orders from the Administrative Judge of the Ninth Judicial District, the Greenburgh Town Court is currently closed to public. Please note the following information as it pertains to matters before the Greenburgh Town Court.
Please note: In all instances “Assigned Judge” refers to the Greenburgh Town Judge who was handling your case. “Designated Judge” is the Judge in the Centralized Part in County Court.
Criminal matters have been administratively adjourned until on or after May 30, 2020. Any defendant who is currently incarcerated and any criminal matter that the Assigned Judge determines is an essential matter, may be heard sooner by a Designated Judge. The Court will notify the attorneys involved, or a pro se defendant, of the adjourned date. Any attorney who needs to reach the Assigned Judge on any essential matter should email the Court Administrator at, with a copy to the Criminal Clerk at and opposing counsel.
Civil matters (landlord/tenant, small claims, town ordinance and code violations and vehicle and traffic law infractions) are adjourned until on or after May 30, 2020. The Court will notify all parties and the attorneys of the adjourned date. In case of an emergency matter (e.g., landlord lockout) please contact the Assigned Judge by sending an email to the Court Administrator at with a copy to the Civil Clerk at and opposing counsel. If approved by the Assigned Judge to be “essential” such matters will be referred to and heard by a Designated Judge.
If anyone received a Notice of Driver License Suspension from NYS DMV, and the suspension date is after March 17, 2020 the DMV is working on automatically stopping the suspension from going into effect during the time the Court is closed. However, if the suspension went into effect before March 17, 2020, please contact the court at (914) 989-1850 to discuss the suspension.

This refers to VTL, Parking Tickets, Town Code Violation and other Fines/Fees
Any payment due with respect to the above, may be made online by going to and clicking on QUICK LINKS at the bottom of the page. To make a payment by mail, ONLY a money order or cashier’s check payable to “Greenburgh Town Court” will be accepted. Mail payment to 188 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY 10607. NO Personal checks will be accepted and DO NOT MAIL CASH. Cash payments will only be accepted when the Court reopens. Please note: All payments made by mail will be opened and processed.

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