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June 15, 2020 9:18 AM

Hydrant Flushing Beginning June 18, 2020

The Greenburgh Water Department will continue its maintenance program to operate and flush fire hydrants for the week beginning June 18th thru June 30th 2020 This action is necessary to make sure the fire hydrants are in good working order in case of emergencies and to help flush sediment out of the distribution system.
The hydrant flushing and operating action will take place from 7:00 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. Greenburgh Water District Customers in the neighborhoods listed and the immediate vicinity should expect temporary periods of discolored water and lowered pressure resulting from this maintenance operation. This discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and air and does not affect the safety of the water. For further information, customers may contact the Greenburgh Water Department at 914-989-1900 or visit the Town website
GREENVILE AREA - Entire Section.
LONGVIEW SECTION, including roads near Longview Drive , Highland Road, Evandale Road, Fort Hill Road, Underhill Road, Juniper Road, Moorland Drive, Clayton Road, Hearthstone Circle, Scarsdale Farm Road, Clarendon Road, Mt. Joy Avenue, West Minister Road, Paradise Drive, Argyle Avenue, Dorchester Drive, Central Park Avenue and Ardsley Road.
TANGLEWOOD SECTION, including roads near Sprain Valley Road, Fort Hill Road, Ardsley Road, High Point Road, Tanglewood Road, Andrea Lane Cherrywood Road, Forest Lane, Penny Lane, Jackson Avenue, Sunrise Lane, Fountain Lane & Central Park Avenue.
EDGEMONT SECTION, , including roads near Old Army Road, Mount Joy Avenue, Ardsley road, Central Park Avenue White Oak lane, Aqueduct Drive, Edgemont Road, Bretton Road, Seely Place, Henry street, Robbin Hill Road, Lynwood Road, Sherwood Place & Walbrooke Road.
COTSWOLD SECTION, including roads near Central Park Avenue, Ardsley Road, Cotswold Way Road, Overton road, Old Army Roaed, Medford Lane, Barford Lane, Wood ford road, Rutland Road, Campden Road, Chedworth Road, Kempster Road & Lynwood Road.
PARTS OF CLUBWAY SECTION, including roads near Old Colony Road, Tamarack Trail, Brook Lane East & West, Highridge Road, Midvale Road & Club Way.
PARTS OF MARION/HEALY SECTION, including roads near Healy Avenue, Marion Avenue, Thomas Street, Elizabeth Street, Meadow View Drive & Central Park Avenue.
PARTS OF TOPLAND SECTION, including roads near Sunningdale Golf Club, Underhill Road,
Sprain Road, Deer Hill Lane, Aqueduct Lane & Clover Close.
Please be advised that flushing may cause water pressure variations and discoloration of water.
This does not represent a health hazard. However, customers are cautioned to determine if the
water is clear before washing clothes (or any other processing) as staining may occur. If you
experience discoloration in your water after crews have been flushing in your neighborhood,
clear the pipes in your home by running cold water faucets for a few minutes. The water is
absolutely safe. However, to avoid any inconvenience, we suggest you monitor the water
before doing any laundry and keep water in the refrigerator for drinking and cooking.

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