Child Passenger Safety Unit

Police Department Technicians

Technicians are as follows:

  • Detective Christmas
  • Detective Jackasai
  • Detective Rashad
  • Emergency Medical Technician Lynch
  • Paramedic Supervisor Rosenberg
  • Police Office Bridges
  • Police Officer Burnett
  • Police Officer Ellrodt
  • Police Officer Knosel
  • Police Officer Lara
  • Police Officer Roberts
  • Police Officer Zenon
  • Sergeant Deastis
  • Traffic Aide Stevenson

Dedicated Volunteers

Volunteers are as follows:

  • Lisa Henry
  • Richard Edelson (Greenburgh Community Emergency Response Team Captain)
  • Sue Larking
  • Werner Freitag (Westchester Safe Kids)


Supporters are as follow:


Funding for the Greenburgh Police child passenger Safety Inspection Station is provided by the New York State governor's Traffic Safety Committee.

Governors Traffic Safety Committee