Community Development & Conservation


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A pond with trees with autumn leavesThe Department of Community Development and Conservation (also known as Planning and Zoning) performs a variety of functions, including:

  • Processing land use development applications (applicant questions, resident awareness, support for Boards of the Town)
  • Preparing grant applications
  • Preparing planning studies and zoning ordinance amendments

The Town Board, Planing Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic & Landmark Preservation Board, Antenna Review Board, Conservation Advisory Council and Hartsdale Contextual Review Committee constitute land use Boards and Committees of the Town.

The Town of Greenburgh seeks to ensure the safety of all with regard to public gatherings in light of the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. Due to public gathering concerns/restrictions that are changing on a daily basis, the Town is coordinating alternative teleconferencing/on-line meeting options, so that operations and public/resident interaction can safely take place as normally as possible.