Human Services

The Department of Community Resources serves as a conduit for those residents that may require additional assistance to improve their quality of life. In keeping with the stated mission of the Department of Community Resources, the Theodore D. Young Community Center facility has been used to provide and sponsor quality programs and activities to Town of Greenburgh residents that have a demonstrated need. 

We strive to ensure that all patrons have the opportunity to take advantage of programs that will further their development and improving their chances in an evolving competitive world.

Community Action Program

For many years we have worked closely with the Greenburgh/Elmsford Community Action Program (C.A.P) to provide quality services and referrals to those within the immediate service area of the Theodore D. Young Community Center facility. We are proud to note that the relationship continues to strengthen and serves as a foundation for new alliances we are forming. 

Our ultimate goal is to develop a premiere network with Human Services providers that will allow us to maximize the accomplishment of the “People Service” objectives in our Departmental Mission Statement.

Additional Information

If a Town of Greenburgh resident is in need of a service or assistance, please contact the Department of Community Resources and we will ensure your needs are addressed.