Investigative Arm

The Detective Division is the investigative arm of the Greenburgh Police Department. This division investigates most major crimes that occur in the Town. General Investigations are handled by 3 squads, which have one Sergeant and three Detectives in each squad. 

Division Functions

Functions include:

  • Accident Investigations and Reconstructions
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Execution of Warrants
  • Fingerprinting and Photographing of prisoners and maintenance of BCI files
  • Maintenance of Warrant Files
  • Supervision of all Evidence taken by the department and its movement (which is handled by one Detective)

Special Victims Unit

Additionally, the Department's Special Victims Unit falls under the authority of the Detective Division. Staffed by one Sergeant and three Detectives, the Special Victims Unit. conducts Juvenile Investigations, Missing Person Investigations, Domestic violence investigations, and all elderly exploitation.