Public Access Television

Greenburgh Access Television (GATV)

Greenburgh Access Television (GATV) was created to serve the residents of the Unincorporated Area of the Town of Greenburgh. We currently provide three channels on Cablevision:

  • Channel 75: Public Access
  • Channel 76: Government Access
  • Channel 77: Educational Access


The goal of all Greenburgh Access Television activities is to encourage the broadest possible diversity of use and programming by the community. Every resident of the Unincorporated Area is entitled to produce and air a show on GATV.

Applying for Time Slots

The GATV Studio is located at 177 Hillside Avenue.  All individuals and/or organizations interested in applying for a time/slot and/or usage of our studio facilities for production of a cable access program must download and complete an GATV Application (PDF). Anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult co-signer for all-applicable paperwork and forms.

Producing Shows

You can produce your show in our studio or with your own equipment and send us your videos, so long as it conforms to our technical standards for broadcast. You can also submit programs which have been created elsewhere. All programs must clearly identify the resident of the Unincorporated Area who is sponsoring the show, in order to be aired. Use of the facility should be scheduled with the Coordinator in advance.

Free Speech

GATV will strongly uphold every individual’s right to free speech. No individual will be denied access to the GATV facilities on the basis of race, sex, physical disability, religious or political belief, or the nature of the programming interest.  In addition, GATV exercises no editorial discretion over the content of any program.

Cable Documents