Public Works Code Enforcement

Right of Ways Defined

The public right-of-way is land on property such as streets, sidewalks and public parks. Property owners should know that a portion of land between your private property line and the street is Town property, referred to as right-of-way.

Land Owner Responsibilities

Land owners are responsible for maintaining this right-of-way, including the sidewalks (if applicable) and curbs.

  • The installation of a fence, wall of any kind, sprinkler system, plantings (including trees) are not permitted within the Town right-of-way
  • The public right-of-way depth varies for each parcel of land, please check your property survey to determine your property line, or, contact the Town Code Enforcement to find out.

Right of Way (ROW) Permits

The Town Department of Public Works is responsible for issuing permits for work within the public right of way. This may include, but not necessarily be limited to the following actions:

  • Blocking of travel lanes within Town right-of-way
  • Expansion or alterations to driveway within the Town right-of-way
  • Repair of sidewalk
  • Storage of a dumpster or “pod” within the Town right-of-way
  • Work involving overhead utilities

Download the Street Opening Permit Packet here.