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Sanitation Collection Reminders


  • Bulk garbage and metal pickups are available by appointment only.  Appointments are scheduled for bulk items on Thursdays or Fridays and metal items on Tuesdays. Collections are limited to 2-3 items. Please be aware that there is a high demand for collection appointments, with limited slots per week. We ask for your patience as we are working to schedule appointments as soon possible.
  • Residents that find they have more than the allowed 2-3 items should seek services of a private carting service or junk removal company. Many of these firms provide opportunities for re-use of your discarded items.
  • When purchasing a large item, such as a mattress, appliance, or furniture, check with your retailer about disposal options for your older item. Residents are encouraged to donate items when possible, try Furniture Sharehouse:



  • Organic waste pickup (i.e. leaves, cut up and tied branches, as per the Town Code) continues weekly – no appointment or call necessary. Just place your organic yard waste at the curb in open containers, or bundled and tied – no plastic! Please note:
  • Leaves and grass clippings must be in paper yard waste bags or open, reusable containers. Consider mulching for improved yard care.
  • Branches and twigs must be tied and bundled in small bundles – less than 4 feet long and bundle size total less than 2 feet across. No logs or stumps.
  • The Town does NOT pick up material from private contractors. For example, if you hire a contractor to remove a tree, they are responsible for hauling away the debris.
  • The Town does NOT collect debris from tree removals, or gardeners renovating a property.
  • Christmas trees are picked up with organic yard waste - no appointment or call necessary. Please place your tree to the curb with all lights, ornaments, and decorations removed. The tree should not be in a plastic bag. 


  • Only material in the Town Issued cart is collected.
  • Do NOT pile garbage on top of the container. It will not be collected.
  • Do not place loose trash in the cart. Bag all debris.
  • Practice social distancing with your carts – keep them 3- feet apart/away from other objects.


  • NO PLASTIC BAGS! Place recyclables loosely in the Town issued recycling cart.
  • ONLY use the Town Issued cart for commingled recycling
  • Need a larger commingled recycling cart? Call us – we deliver! (914) 989-1581 or (914) 989-1580
  • Cardboard Boxes must be broken down into flat pieces. 
  • Quick and simple way to flatten boxes:
  • Cardboard should be tied into bundles or placed in an open, reusable container. Keep the weight under 50-pounds. Paper is still collected manually by our Sanitation Workers. Keep it from blowing on windy days and help us by being aware.


The Town DPW office is available to you at (914) 989-1581 or (914) 989-1580, or by email at

As always, we are at your service. Thank you and be safe!!

The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides essential services to Town of Greenburgh residents and their communities.

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Information and updates regarding current and upcoming projects within the Department of Public Works, including the Bureau of Engineering and Water & Sewer Department.

Bureau of Engineering

The Bureau of Engineering administers the Steep slope, Stormwater, Floodplain, Watercourse and Fill permits to ensure that proposed projects conform to the laws and regulations of the Town Code.

Water & Sewer Department                

The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Town potable water and wastewater public utilities.

Bureau of Highway & Traffic                 

The Bureau of Highway is responsible for necessary roadway maintenance, snow plowing, drainage repair and maintenance, sweeping, tree work (within Town right-of-way), guide rails and curbing.

Bureau of Sanitation                 

The Bureau of Sanitation provides solid waste, paper recycling, commingle recycling, brush/ yard waste and bulk item collection for Town of Greenburgh residents on an established schedule.

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Review the Department of Public Works Code Enforcement.

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