Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office is responsible to provide fair and equitable Assessed Valuations to all real property in the Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh and its six incorporated villages of:

In addition to valuation, the assessor’s duties include, but are not limited to, maintenance of ownership information, implementation of all whole and partial property tax exemptions and assisting in the defense of litigation through grievance, small claims and certiorari proceedings. Read more about the job of the Assessor.

Inspections & Valuations

Every property within the town is periodically inspected and data is obtained to determine its fair market value. This information is gathered and maintained in the assessment database. Updated property inventory through building permits, sales information and overall market trends are reviewed on a yearly basis. As a result of this data, a valuation is placed on all properties, every year. 

We strive to maintain fair and equitable assessments to ensure property owners pay no more of the tax burden then they should. Taxes are based on property value and its percentage to the whole value of a particular district. 

Example Calculation

A school has a budget of $40,000,000 for a given year. Assessed value of all property in that district is $1.9 Billion. The tax rate for that school district would be $21.05 per 1,000 of assessment. That means a home assessed at $600,000 would pay a school tax of $12,630. 


  • $40,000,000 (school budget) divided by 1,900,000,000 (total value) equals .02105 (times 1,000) equals $21.05 (tax rate).
  • $600,000 (property value) divided by 1,000 then multiplied by $21.05 (tax rate) and this equals $12,630 taxes 

The same principal would apply for all other districts such as Town, County, Fire, Sewer, etc.