Venue Rentals

The TDYCC facility is available for meetings, baby showers, workshops, family gatherings, birthday parties, and other events.  TDYCC can accommodate gatherings from 10 to 250 people. All sessions are priced on a four hour block within the TDYCC facility and a six hour block for the outdoor pavilion. All reservations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. 


For date availability and reserve space, please contact Donel Dinkins at 914.989.3619/

Please note, our facilities are available for rental on Sundays. Additional charges will apply:

Maintenance Staff: $100.00/four hour event

Front Desk/Reception Staff: $60.00/four hour event

Facilities Request Form Submission Instructions

  1. Download Facilities Request Form (PDF)
  2. Complete both pages of Request Form (Mobile devices cannot be used to complete the request form).  The request form is a fillable PDF.  Please make sure to type DIRECTLY on the form.)
    1. (Page 1) Complete form through the It is understood that… portion of the form
    2. (Page 2) Complete the “Release of Liability” portion of the form
  3. Complete form through the "it is understood that..." portion of the form
  4. Be sure to include the "Expected Attendance", and the # of Tables/Chairs
  5. Save the completed form to your computer
  6. Email the completed form as an attachment to Donel Dinkins.
  7. Request Forms must be completed fully to be considered
  8. Upon approval, you will receive an email from Donel Dinkins (with your approved request attached) outlining any/all terms that may apply


Upon approval, you will receive an email from Donel Dinkins (with your approved request attached) outlining any/all terms that may apply.

*Please note - we will only accept and process request forms according to the instructions ABOVE. 

**Please do not send scanned, hand written versions, or pictures of the Request Form as they will NOT be considered.

Rental Guidelines:

  • All rentals in the TDYCC facility will be scheduled in four (4) hour blocks.  No additional time is allotted for set-up/breakdown
  •  All outdoor rentals (Pavilion/Yosemite Park) will be scheduled in six (6) hour blocks.  No additional time is allotted for set-up/breakdown
  •  All persons/organizations wishing to rent space must obtain a Town of Greenburgh Membership Card
  • No drugs, alcohol or gambling is permitted
  • There shall be no refunds paid unless the program/rental is cancelled by the department

Rental Include:

    • Tables 
      1. 8 Foot Round (Seats 7 comfortably)
      2. 6 Foot  Rectangular
      3. 8 Foot Rectangular
    • Chairs
    • Maintenance Staff Support

Any organization wishing to use facility space within TDYCC, must obtain a Certificate of Insurance, which additionally insures the Town of Greenburgh with liability coverage for two million dollars per occurrence. This certificate, along with the necessary application, must be submitted to the Facility Coordinator’s office at least one month prior to the requested event/program date.

**Grove area located in Yosemite Park includes the adjacent grills with the rental.

**No additional time is allocated for set-up and break-down.



Resident’s Rate

Non-Resident’s Rate

First Floor (4 Hours)



  *Full Gymnasium






   Entire Lounge {1, 2, 3}



   Half Lounge {1, 2 or 3}






Second Floor (4 hours)



   Performing Arts Studio



   Classroom A/B



   Classroom C/D



   Library / Computer Room






Yosemite Park (6 hours)



   Pavilion {25 – 99}



   Pavilion {100 - 149}



   Pavilion {150 – 199}



   Pavilion {200 + People}



   Small Pavilion



   **Grove #1 or Grove #2



   **Grove #1 & Grove #2