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Liberty NYC to Greenburgh bus schedule Metro North suspends service
Release Date: May 15, 2018

This is the Libery Line BMX4c bus route from NYC to Greenburgh (not sure how packed the buses will be or if Liberty can handle the extra passengers who will want to get out of NYC). But- I thought I'd provide you with the schedule.  Interesting - just yesterday was speaking with a resident who reminded me that the previous County Executive had cut back the bus route. She asked that I lobby the new county administration to restore service on the Westchester to NYC bus route that had been cut by the previous county administration.



Metro North has suspended service on the Harlem Line.  Service has resumed on a limited basis on the Hudson line.

Although 5,593 Con Ed customers were out of power and lots of trees are down throughout Westchester - so far Greenburgh is not in very bad shape. I just called the police and they reported that they are aware of one tree down near Mendhan and Donald Drive (off Jackson Ave near the Hastings line).


Today is election day for School Board members and school budget votes. There are some contested elections for school board around the area. It may be too late for this years vote but I think NYS should learn from this experience: if there are weather related or other emergency situations preventing many voters from voting on any given election day- voting should be extended till the following day.  My guess is that many voters won't be voting in today's important School Board elections and budget votes because they are stuck in NYC and can't get back home in a timely manner.


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