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Our amazing water dept employees fixed water main breaks in extreme cold
Release Date: January 07, 2018

During the extreme cold weather the town has experienced some water main breaks. Our dedicated water crews have been working in the extreme cold.   Some worked till midnight this weekend when there was a break in a 16 transmission main. Then came back early in the AM and worked on two more breaks.  The extreme cold is making the ground move, causing pipes to shift and break.  Our employees are very professional, responsible, didn't look for excuses to avoid working in the extreme record cold weather and they took few breaks. They are model employees who make us proud.


Power was restored to Highpoint around 3 AM.  Our CERT volunteers set up a warming station at the Theodore Young Community Center. CERT team members who helped out were Lucian Chen, Peter Yam, Tom Morgan & Harold Rose--according to CERTs Andrew Sindell. We owe our volunteers our thanks.  Most people stayed at Highpoint but many took advantage of our warming stations or warmed up in their cars.  The Greenburgh Police and Fire department personnel from Hartsdale and Fairview helped many residents down the stairs from their units. 

Thanks to all!


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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