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Supervisors Report: Volunteer Firefighters Update
Release Date: November 14, 2002

ll/14 TOWN COUNCILMAN STEVE BASS HOLDS OVER VOTE ON ALLOWING NON RESIDENT VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS, VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORP MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEER POLICE TO USE TOWN POOL IF THEY SERVE UNINCORPORATED GREENBURGH---Vote rescheduled for November 26th. Councilman Bass believes that the paid firefighters union should be invited to appear before a Town Board work session to provide town with their input before this action is voted on. I disagreed with the request to consult with the paid firefighters union. The paid firefighters are employees of the 3 paid fire districts (which are independent of the town) and do not work for Greenburgh. If we lose our volunteers the unions will get more paid union members because each of the fire districts would have to hire paid employees to do the work currently done by volunteers. We must, in my opinion, help the volunteers recruit and keep their dedicated members.

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