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17 units of housing being built on knollwood road, 2 affordable
Release Date: August 17, 2007

 Some residents have contacted me to inquire about the housing development that will be built on Knollwood Road, close to the library (which is under construction). Princewood development submitted an application to rezone and build housing a number of years ago – in 2000. The Planning Board granted approval for 17 multi family town houses on October 4, 2006. 2 of the units will be affordable housing and will meet affordable guidelines.
The Planning Board granted a tree removal permit and specified that trees on the site and landscaping plan shall be retained as specified in the plan entitled “Landscape & Tree Preservation Plan,” pg L-1 dated 09/25/04, dated revised 01/23/06, 06/13/06, 07/18/06, prepared by Tim Miller Associates, Inc., by Stephen H. Lopez, R.L.A., NYS Lic. No. 000690.
Apparently, the developer has been working with the Town in compiling with each portion of the tree removal and retention conditions and steep slope conditions as approved by the Planning Board.
Moreover, the developer is also in the process of marking each tree for removal, setting up the chain link tree protection fence around the trees to be saved and installing silt fencing along the limits of the site disturbance line. Silt fencing, as part of the soil erosion control measures, needs to be set up in place before the developer starts to grade the site (site disturbance) in order to start construction.
Once these actions are complete, the Engineering Department and Planning Department will be checking for conformance with the approved plan before tree removal and grading of the site begin.
Aaron Schmidt, the Town’s Forestry Officer, has also made daily site visits to 275 Knollwood since the department received your inquiry. Aaron has noted that the developer has not taken down any trees over six inches dbh as per the Town Code and has removed only brush, saplings and invasive weeds in order to start putting in the tree and soil protection.
GreenburghTown Supervisor

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