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Property tax exemptions and Apprentice training program adopted by Town Board
Release Date: March 02, 2007

The Town Board passed two amendments to the Town Code last night that will help improve the quality of life for all Greenburgh residents.


The first amendment increased the income limitation requirements for seniors – ages 65 and above – and persons with disabilities. The increased levels will take affect immediately and be implemented for the 2007 Assessment Roll. Fortunately for our taxpayers the legislation allowed an increase in the minimum and maximum amounts for the next three years, where as previously adjustments were made annually. This was instituted to better assist seniors and persons with disabilities, particularly those on fixed incomes, to continue to afford home-ownership. A qualifying home owner in unincorporated Greenburgh, with an assessed value of $17,000, will save between $565 and $5,650, depending on their income level.


Seniors who were not previously eligible for partial property tax exemptions may be eligible for this exemption. The deadline for applying is June 1. If a resident feels that they may be entitled to the increased benefit, please contact the Tax Assessor’s office at 993-1517.


The Town is also investigating the feasibility of passing a law which would give volunteer firefighters a partial property tax exemption as well. We will keep you informed though the process.


The other amendment adopted enacted an Apprenticeship Training Law. In introducing the law, Councilman Steve Bass said the training program will help lower insurance costs, decrease job accidents, and allow youngsters from the community to work on these projects, as well as developing a specific trade or career. Councilman Bass added other benefits to the law include that projects will come in on time or before and that the law would provide a level playing field for both non-union and union contractors.


Apprenticeship training programs, as authorized by New York State Labor Law, provide opportunities for young people to secure an education in skilled construction trades and gain employment which provides livable wages. The promotion of apprenticeship programs will expand the pool of skilled workers in the Town and foster the local and regional economy. The law also promotes health, welfare and safety by improving the skills of workers on Town construction projects. The apprenticeship program will be required on any Town projects with a total cost of $250,000 and above.


For more information on either of these programs, contact the Town Council – Eddie Mae Barnes, Steve Bass, Diana Juettner and Francis Sheehan – at towncouncil@greenburghny.com or Gil Kaminer, the Town Council aide at gkaminer@greenburghny.com or by calling 993-1544.

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