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Release Date: November 09, 2006

The Town Board broke records last night when we ended our Town Board meeting at 2:04 AM. We met with tenants who reside at 90 & 100 Manhattan Ave, 33 Oak Street and with Fairview Housing Development Fund Company --trying to address  tenants  concerns that rents of some tenants could significantly increase if the property is conveyed from their current owners to new owners. Significant progress was made during our give and take session with Fairview Housing Development. Tenants and the applicant will continue negotiations tomorrow and the tenants will have an opportunity to cast a vote - making a recommendation to the Town Board before Tuesday. The Town Board will vote on the revised & negotiated  application at a special meeting on Tuesday at 8 PM. I think it is very important that the tenants who reside at the building have a voice in the decision making process - it's their lives that are at stake. Some tenants expressed concern that they "were losing sleep". We should make this a win-win situation.
During the past year there have been a number of revisions in the proposed transfer agreement -- the agreement keeps getting better and better, thanks to the involvement of Greenburgh residents. Due diligence is paying off. It's also important that tenants feel that government is their friend.

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