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Con ed and cable power outage updates
Release Date: March 06, 2018

Sorry for the aggravations. There are still many people out of power. I hope that Con Ed will keep their promise to restore almost everyone back by 11 PM today. The town is working hard. Our public works team worked last night with a Con Ed crew. We currently have three brush crews out, one with Con Ed. A tree crew is out. I have been forwarding all outage complaints to Con Ed and public works. We are expecting 10-12 inches of snow tomorrow and are also loading the trucks with salt and putting the plows on.


I have a Town Board work session meeting this morning so if I don't respond within minutes - that is my reason. I apologize but promise to get back to everyone who has a complaint this afternoon at the latest.


I am also working to help those with cable related problems. This is not as big a problem as having no power but some people depend on internet access if they work at home. I have reached out to the cable companies and their executive offices and hope that they will restore power to their customers.


Con Ed advised me that they expect crews from around the country to serve our area today so if you're out of power don't get discouraged.


The entire town team feels horrible that so many people are still freezing.




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