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MORE good safety news---another major safety improvement taking place off of Ravensdale, Jackson & 9
Release Date: May 02, 2017

More good news relating to safety.  Maria Silver, who resides off of Ravensdale and 9A has been pushing for a crosswalk at this location (off of Jackson Ave) for many months. She reached out to her neighbors, organized a meeting with the Police Chief Chris McNerney and myself. Since this is a NYS road we enlisted the support of members of the community and outreached to County Legislator Mary Jane Shimsky, the Hastings village leadership (this is on the border of Hastings and unincorporated Greenburgh)  Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins and New York State Department of Transportation officials. Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins, made calls to state officials highlighting the need for the pedestrian safety improvements.  A Yeshiva had opened on Jackson Ave and many students walk on local streets. Students who attend the Hastings schools will also benefit.


 Last week town officials met with the contractor on site and learned that they started to work on the crosswalks, shoulder enhancements and electronic pedestrian crossing heads. Much of the work will be completed this month.  This is going to be a great safety improvement.


Neighborhood associations and citizens can make a positive difference. Persistence pays off!   Less than two weeks ago we received more good news----a $792,000 grant from NYS to build a sidewalk on Central Ave from Marion  to the four corners in Hartsdale.


The town is committed to enhancing safety all over town. We are also currently trying to address another safety issue: trying to get a shared driveway built at the Esplanade, a new apartment complex in Hartsdale t hat will open up soon. A shared driveway with a neighboring apartment complex would be a major safety enhancement for residents of both apartments.



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