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New playground to be installed at Lee Jackson school before school starts: know your neighbor:
Release Date: August 19, 2015

Earlier this summer the Town Board appropriated $75,000 for the development of a new playground at the Lee Jackson School, using non taxpayer developer escrow funds. I am pleased to report that the new playground should be installed sometime late this week or next week- before the school year beings. The playground will be open to residents of the town during non school hours and the school district has agreed to allow the town to use the school for our summer camp operations as long as the playground stands. A win win for all.

Hugh Thorne is a longtime resident of Greenburgh. He's interesting because he has perfected a different kind of poetry -  called acrotrion.  He also wrote a book "PIANO" - Poetry In A New Outfit".  Greenburgh is a terrific place to live in because our community consists of people with so many different talents.  It's important to know your neighbors and to appreciate the impact that they are having on the lives of many.
His AIM (Ambition IMotion) is to get some of his  ideas across to SCHOOLS 
(School Children Have One Obligation Learn Sagaciously) and to TEACHERS
(Teach Everything And Cooperatively Has Education Revamping Students).

His  acronymic ideas are a form of awakening and its simplicity makes remembering
lines easy.  As students start to think of the upcoming academic year - think about Acrotrions!

Excerpt from my WVOX radio interview with Hugh...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzA5VOSN_GM
© 2014 Hugh Thorne
Water loves dropping by and don’t see it as a Waste.
Active in motion with a purpose to travel on land and Air,
To places you and I can’t imagine, to fill an insect’s Thirst,
Energizing all living substances to survive and Emerge
Rising to taste a sunlight and to strengthen the seeds of Reproduction.

Water. Why?
A liquid Adinfinitum,
To satisfy a Thirst,
Everywhere on Earth,
Reproducing life with wet Rhythms.

Water loves to sprinkle as it plays with the Wind,
And sometimes to create a stormy Afternoon:
Threatening you as you run for cover, here and There,
Ever so often, as nature scares the life out of Everyone,
Running like hell, with no one to tell, the anger of a River.

WATER with added acronymic attachments can mean:

Water Appertains TEvery River.
Wishes Activate Thoughts Expressing Requests.
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