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SNOW UPDATE Recycling on tomorrow...transformer fire on pole on Joyce Rd - power outage
Release Date: March 03, 2015

SNOW UPDATE--Recycling is on for tomorrow. The town has a contract with an organization that provides local governments with very accurate weather forecasts (much more accurate than the weather forecasts we get on the news). We call the service before and during weather events and are provided with local projections. We anticipate that the weather will warm up during the evening and road conditions should be much better tomorrow morning.


Some of the roads still have slush on the ground. That's fine - we want to avoid black ice and the slush provides a little bit of traction.


There is a transformer fire on a pole at 64 Joyce Road. Hartsdale Fire is on the scene. Some power outages. Con Ed has been notified. Hopefully, the power will be restored asap.





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