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Town Bd meeting to discuss recyling...
Release Date: January 21, 2005

I have received numerous complaints from residents about the new sanitation/recycling schedule. Most of the people who have contacted me have complained about the lack of recycling during holiday weeks. People are concerned that Greenburgh will lose our distinction of being one of the more environmentally active communities. Residents have stated that because recycling is not picked up during holiday weeks that there is a good possibility that people will dump papers/plastics in the garbage – resulting in a decline in recycling.  I believe that recycling should be picked up during holiday weeks and will be urging the Town Board to change the schedule. Your input is welcome at the next Town Board meeting --- Wednesday, 7:15 PMat GreenburghTown Hall. You can phone in: 993-1540.

OTHER REASONS WHY WE’RE NOT READY TO SCHEDULE A SPRING REFERENDUM ON THE 20 MILLION LIBRARY EXPANSION…We haven’t conducted an environmental assessment of the old Town Hall to determine the actual costs of demolishing the old Town Hall (the old Town Hall was built decades ago and might have asbestos/lead). We have not conducted a site investigation of the property (soil, geo technical, rocks, etc..). Until we complete this review we can’t provide residents with an accurate estimate as to how much any library expansion will cost. I would support conducting these reviews ASAP.  I continue to believe that a November, 2005 referendum on the library expansion would be more responsible and prudent.  It will provide residents with an opportunity to review the proposal, to have questions answered and to participate in the discussion with library and town officials.   PAUL FEINER

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