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Elmsford to particpate in Planning review Board
Release Date: September 07, 2004

The Elmsford Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution to enter into an intermunicipal agreement with Greenburgh with regards to forming a Villageof Elmsford/Townof Greenburgh Planning collaboration relationship. Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner indicated that Elmsford will become the 2nd community to sign onto this concept—the villageof Ardsleyand Greenburgh entered into a similar arrangement last year.

After the Greenburgh Town Board signs on to this agreement a designated member of each municipality will be invited to attend all relevant planning meetings and participate fully as a liaison to the respective board. The liaison will be furnished with application materials and documents. The liaison will be given an opportunity to address and question applicants.

Feiner said that it is his hope that this agreement will encourage neighboring communities to work together in a spirit of cooperation. The concept reduces neighborhood tensions and minimizes the potential for border wars between neighboring communities. 

Feiner said that he will encourage other communities to consider similar agreements with Greenburgh. It would be great if Yonkerswould agree to enter into this relationship with Greenburgh, Ardsley and Hastings--- as we review the Ridge Hill proposal.

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