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kathwood road, comptroller apptment, parking tickets
Release Date: March 25, 2009

Many residents of Kathwood have expressed concern about the conditions of the unfinished homes on Kathwood. Our County Legislator, Tom Abinanti, has also been in contact with me to complain about the eyesores. The unfinished homes have been unfinished for years. This has been the subject of litigation. The town has received a performance bond for $52,000 that was required by the Planning prior to authorizing the issuance of a building permit to the developer. We anticipate that work will begin shortly. I have also asked town staff to press the developer to make the property presentable as soon as possible.
Deputy Comptroller Bart Talamani has been named Comptroller of the town, effective immediately. Bart served as Deputy during the period in town history when Greenburgh's bond rating was upgraded to AAA by S & P (the highest rating a locality can receive).
At a meeting of an Edgemont Civic Association on Monday night - Police Chief John Kapica announced that he is drafting legislation that will enable the town to tow cars owned by those who have not paid parking tickets. When arrears are paid the vehicles will be returned to the owners.
A letter asking the state comptroller for an opinion re: WESTHELP partnership with the Valhalla school district was sent out yesterday. Copies of the letter will be made available to the public. Advocates and opponents of the partnership agreement were invited to submit letters which was sent to the State Comptroller along with my letter.

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