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Tarrytown Marriott gym memberships
Release Date: August 22, 2007

The Tarrytown Marriott has always provided residents with the opportunity to use their fitness center. Many people have been helped as a result of the gym. The Marriott has a nice pool, treadmill, bicycle and some weight machines. People have made great friends – using the facility. The Tarrytown Marriott has advised users of the fitness center that when their memberships expire that they won’t be renewed. This is causing lots of stress and disappointment.

I am disappointed in their decision and am urging them to reconsider.  Please read the letter I just received. I have received many other similar letters.




Dear Mr. Feiner,


I'm writing on behalf of my father who is a current gym member at the Tarrytown Marriott.  My dad had a heart attack in 1998 and was treated successfully at Lawrence Hospital.  At that time they had a mandatory fitness program which my dad fully embraced.  He worked on the treadmill and built up his strength, changed his diet to be fat free, lost 20 pounds and actually looked much younger than his (then) 72 years of age.  After completing their program he spoke to friends who wholeheartedly recommended joining a fitness center located at the Tarrytown Marriott.  They have a very nice pool, treadmill, bicycle and some weight machines, also steam and sauna and showers.  He goes every single day, he just turned 81.  He's made some terrific friends, had some good laughs and still works (with me) 2 days a week.  He came into work the other day and said 'I have to find a new gym.'  WHAAAAAT???  It was a perfect arrangement, convenient location with free parking and the best part is he actually goes.  Mom jokes around that she doesn't even have to wash as many towels any more because he's always at the gym.  Its kept him healthy and busy on his days off and I was appalled to hear that the hotel would not renew any memberships.  I feel that besides keeping seniors healthy they provide a certain measure of security and a very low draw on facilities that probably would otherwise go unused, especially in the middle of the day.


If there is anyone I can contact to encourage them to continue allowing people to use their gym please let me know.  I heard that they have adopted you as their public figure so I'd be willing to write or call whomever is necessary to get this resolved successfully. 


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