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2017 capital budget released -funding for road repaving, curbs, sidewalks, library parking
Release Date: March 07, 2017


Replace HVAC Unit-Library - $80,000 – One HVAC Unit at the Library has been prone to failure.  Numerous parts have been replaced over the years.  Replacing with a new unit will improve reliability and save costs of repairs. One of the HVAC units at the Library has had numerous repairs over the years.  It is proposed the unit be replaced with a newer and better unit to reduce the problems of no heat and no air conditioning at the Library.



Library (continued)

Install Safety System at Roof-Library - $30,000 – Replace old/outdated traffic signal control equipment.  Loop detectors and control have failed at several intersections. At

some traffic signal locations, the loop detectors are not working and the traffic signal control equipment fails and it is outdated.  Signals are not operating efficiently and require time to resend and repair constantly.  New equipment is more functional and will improve reliability.

Expand Library Parking Lot - $50,000 – Additional parking is requested at the Library.  During design, 28 spaces were designated on the plans, but not constructed.  It is now desired to construct these spaces to address parking. Program needs at the Library require more parking than currently available.  The site plans for the Library shows parking expansion areas.  Contractor estimate for the work is over $200,000.  Highway has ability to perform the work with our own forces.


Parks and Recreation

Patch and Repaint AFV Basketball Court - $17,000To patch and resurface basketball court crack repair, an acrylic resurface and repaint the courts with an acrylic paint multiple applications.

Patch and Repaint Tennis Courts (3&4) at Travis Hill Park - $18,000To patch and resurface six tennis courts crack repair, an acrylic resurface and repaint the courts with an acrylic paint multiple applications.

Renovation of Anthony F. Veteran Park Pool Bath Houses - $69,320Renovate (2) Bath House located at AFV town pool The current bath houses are in disrepair following years of general usage. The renovations would include new toilets and urinals with external flush valves, new partitions for toilets and shower stalls, new tile for all shower areas and new shower valves. 90 % of the work to be performed will be completed in-house, saving the town thousands of dollars.

Anthony F. Veteran Park Main Pool Filter Room Renovation & Pool Deck Replacement - $65,900Replacement of key components in Main pool filter room & pool decking. Some of the equipment needed to run the town’s main pool complex need to be replaced to ensure that the pools continue to run efficiently and without interruption during the summer months. Job entails replacement of the main & lap pools 37-year-old pump. Replacement of the filter elements, new 10” hydraulic valve, (3) new chemical feeders and approximately 800 S.F. of concrete decking around the pool.

Crime Suppression Video System - $30,000Purchase a crime suppression video system for Veteran Park (Pool Area).  The system is equipped with a dvr-recorder capable of recording up to eight channels with archive time of up to 30 days.  The system is good for day and night recording.  The cameras can be accessed remotely through the computer systems.  

East Rumbrook Park Frank Jazzo Ballfield Restoration Project - $159,740Restoration the majority of outfield (approximately 40,000 sq feet) of that has disturbance and grading issues. This field was built on a former landfill in the 1970’s and in 1989 the field was regarded and renovating due to settlement.  Since that time the field has continued to settle and needs another regarded of the outfield. The field is potentially unsafe for play and needs to be addressed asap.



Five (5) Chevrolet Tahoe AWD Police Pursuit vehicles with equipment - $212,000 – To replace 5 of the current front line Police Patrol vehicles. Replacement of these vehicles is consistent with vehicle replacement programs the Town has followed in the past Tahoe’s are $35,000 on state bid. Cost for outfitting 5 Tahoe’s with cages light etc. is $37,000.

One (1) Ford Police Interceptor - $33,500 – The Ford Interceptor would be used for traffic enforcement. Cost on state bid is $26,000. Cost of outfitting Ford is $7,500.

Headquarters Security - $7,250 – Additional swipe card reader at Prisoner door entrance, garage entrance and East rear door as well as Camera at East rear door.

Replacement laptop computers - $18,750 – Replace four (2) Panasonic laptop models CF-19 for EMS and four (2) Panasonic laptop models  CF-31 for Patrol

Voice recorder replacement - $21,000 – To replace current voice recorder, current system is now at end of life and in 2016 experienced serval hardware failures causing recordings to be missed. Proposed system includes NICE INFORN, event reconstruction and VERIFY instant playback for dispatchers. Quote includes silver 24/7 remote support package.


Public Works

Vehicles and Machinery– the following are the components of this category and are part of the on-going vehicle replacement program:

Automated Refuse Collection Vehicle-$300,000 – Deployment of an automated refuse collection vehicle is expected to reduce collection costs and increase efficiencies.  Reduce labor costs suggest less than a 4-year investment payoff.  This will help control future service costs.

Purchase Heavy Duty Class 8 Trucks -$285,000 – Purchase replacement truck for heavy duty use, including Snow and Ice control. Safety of the traveling public and needed for DPW operations.

Purchase Medium Duty trucks w/ Henderson Body -$110,000 – Fleet replacement vehicles for general duty and winter snow/Ice control. Needed for our day to day DPW operations.  Fleet trucks are aging.

Replace daily use truck-$45,000 – Purchase F-250 With Plow 4X4 for day to day DPW operations.

Automated Refuse Collection Carts-$150,000 – To further expand the Automated Sanitation Collection, additional carts are required for use by residents with the collection program.  It is proposed to continue expansion of this program with the purchase of 2,400 additional 65 and 90 gallon collection carts to distribute to residents proposed for the expanded collection routes.

Replace vehicles Ford Escapes-Engineering-$25,000 – Purchase vehicle to replace very old, poor condition, obsolete sedans with hybrid SUV 4x4 vehicles.

Roadway Resurfacing - $3,000,000 – Roadway surfaces deteriorate with time.  Roadways have numerous potholes and other pavement distresses creating a poor quality surface.  Infrastructure needs are significant and improving can enhance quality of living in Greenburgh.

Curb Repairs and Construction - $400,000 – Rebuild and construct curbs and sidewalks in various locations as requested and as needs develop during the year.


Public Works (continued)

Repairs to Building - Manor House - $250,000 – Repair building exterior including windows, flashing, gutters, siding, trim woodwork, porch, glazing in Greenhouse,

exterior doors, pointing of stonework, repairs to chimney. Review of site conditions at the manor house has shown the exterior is in poor condition and need major repair and replacement to maintain the integrity of the Manor House.  Repairs are long overdue.

Jackson Avenue Road Resurfacing - $500,000 – rebuild roadway including widening, shoulders, sight lines, intersection improvements, and drainage for safety.

Sidewalk Repairs and construction - miscellaneous -$600,000 – Rebuild and construct curbs and sidewalks in various locations.

“Tink” Claw - $18,000 – “Tink” claw attachment for loaders. A “Tink” claw is an attachment to the front end loaders that facilitates brush, leaves, debris and snow removal.  The claw is articulated enabling greater ease to grab and pick material.  The existing is old, worn, and needs replacing.  The equipment is used often for many purposes including Day to day DPW operations –Snow, Brush, Leaves, Logs, Dirt

Environmental Mitigation Highway - $150,000 – Environmental remediation of an historic oil spill within the maintenance facility. Compliance with NYSDEC requirements to resolve this underground oil spill.

Replace lighting at Garage Facility - $45,000 – The lighting systems both interior and exterior at the Garage facility are proposed to be replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures. The light fixtures system was installed when the facility was last renovated and constructed. They are poor quality and waste energy.  New LED fixtures use very little energy, provide much better light, providing safer working environment at the Garage.

Pavement Condition Management - $60,000 – Detailed surface distress analysis of existing Town streets. The purpose of this re-inspection is to better inform the Engineering Department of the existing roadway conditions in an effort to better manage the resurfacing budget by prioritizing those Town streets that are in need of maintenance/ repair as well as laying out a maintenance plan for the future.

Sidewalk-Juniper Hill Rd/Fair St. from1st St. to Gibson Ave. - $500,000 – Install sidewalk and curbing along Juniper Hill Road and Fair Street from 1st Street to Gibson Avenue. Community residents seek safer routes for pedestrians and request sidewalk along Juniper Hill Road and Fair Street from 1st Street to Gibson Avenue to promote safety of public that chooses to walk.

GIS Improvements and functions - $15,000 – Improve the Town GIS – Geographic Information System for better functionality and data sharing.  This is a collaborative effort with the Assessor’s Office building upon the existing systems and information. The Town Engineering Department has data from previous GIS implementations, but the system is not functional for day to day use within the department or across the DPW.  With purchase of additional software and hardware, the system can be better positioned for use to access maps and infrastructure data, offering better information and less time searching archives.

Replace boiler and heating units at Highway Garage - $64,000 – The boiler at the highway garage is oversized and in very poor repair.  A newer smaller unit is more efficient and adequate for the needs.  Also, to save energy and improve conditions, replace the older blower units with radiant heaters to save energy costs, improve


Public Works (continued)

reliability and save costs of repairs. Older boiler is over sized and in poor repair. At

times, no heat is in garage. Also, older blower units are very poor efficiency and always in need of repair.  New radiant heaters use less energy, less repairs, and provide better heat.

Install Security Camera Systems at Various Locations - $50,000 – Install security camera systems at various Town facilities to enhance security and monitoring. Security cameras are valuable to monitor and record facilities for safety and security.  With this action, camera systems are proposed for remote portions of our facilities.


Consolidated Water Department

Water Tank Rehabilitation– $3,000,000 - Rehabilitation of the Birchwood water storage tank. The Birchwood water storage tank is in need of significant structural and safety repairs and enhancements, including complete painting of both the interior and exterior surfaces.  This work is necessary to stay in compliance with Federal, State and Health Department regulations and also to maintain water quality throughout the Town of Greenburgh.

Water main Cleaning & Lining - $1,000,000 – Water main cleaning and lining program is needed to control rusting and Tuberculation (buildup) within various water mains throughout the Town.  Such a program will restore hydraulic and fire flow capacity and lessen discoloration of water to our customers.  A continuing investment is required to restore capacity and prevent discoloration.

Water Main Interconnection – Rumbrook Pump Station to Knollwood Pump Station -$6,000,000 – The installation of a water transmission main from the Rumbrook Pump station to the Knollwood Pump station. The interconnection is needed from the Rumbrook Pump Station to the Knollwood Pump station to provide the Town with a second water source in the event the NYC Delaware aqueduct system is down or Knollwood Pump Station is unavailable. Currently the Town has no back up for water Knollwood Station is unavailable.




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