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Release Date: May 14, 2012

NY State Assemblyman Tom Abinanti has been working with Senator Andrea Stewart  Cousins on the proposal to authorize the town to lease our tennis courts at AF Veteran Park for a tennis bubble.  The Town Board will hold a special meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) around 10:30 AM to vote to support the introduction of the proposed state legislation. If the Board approves the resolution, the legislation will be introduced in the Senate and Assembly. It is our hope that the legislation will be approved by both houses of the State Legislature before the Legislature adjourns for the summer break in June.  Copies of the proposed law were sent to civic association presidents last week and to the Mayors of the Villages.

Legislative Bill Drafting Commission
S. --------
IN SENATE--Introduced by Sen
--read twice and ordered printed,
and when printed to be committed
to the Committee on
-------- A.
IN ASSEMBLY--Introduced by M. of A.
with M. of A. as co-sponsors
--read once and referred to the
Committee on
(Authorizes the town of Greenburgh,
county of Westchester to lease
certain lands to a business corpo-
ration for park and recreational
Twn Greenburgh parkland lease
to authorize the town of Greenburgh,
county of Westchester to lease
certain lands for park and recre-
ational uses
05/09/12 2 15742-03-2
1 Section 1. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 891 of the laws
2 of 1982 to the contrary, the town of Greenburgh acting by and through
3 its town board is hereby authorized and empowered to lease at fair
4 market value and upon such other terms and conditions as determined by
5 such board consistent with sections four and five of this act the lands
6 and improvements described in section three of this act, and necessary
7 appurtenances thereto, for up to 30 years for the operation of a tennis
8 facility and other recreational activities.
9 § 2. The authorization provided in section one of this act shall be
10 effective only upon the condition that the town of Greenburgh dedicate
11 all proceeds of such lease for the operation, maintenance and/or
12 improvement of existing park and recreational facilities and/or for the
13 acquisition of additional park and recreational facilities.
14 § 3. The lands and improvements referred to in section one of this act
15 which may be leased consist of tennis facilities and other necessary
16 appurtenances located in the Anthony F. Veteran Park in the town of
17 Greenburgh, county of Westchester, state of New York, the park being
18 more particularly described as follows:
19 ALL that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and
20 improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of
21 Greenburgh, County of Westchester and State of New York, and being more
22 particularly bounded and described as follows:
23 BEGINNING at a point on the northerly line of the Sprain Brook Park-
24 way, where the same is intersected by the northeasterly boundary line of
25 land now or formerly of Robert Stephen Anthony as acquired by a deed
26 from John Canning, Jr., dated September 9th, 1952, recorded in Office of
27 the County Clerk of Westchester County, Division of Land Records, on
28 September 10th, 1952, in Liber 5134 of conveyances, page 115, said point
05/09/12 3 15742-03-2
1 of BEGINNING being distant North 43° 57' 40" East 272.43 feet from a
2 monument at the intersection of the southeasterly corner of said lands
3 so conveyed by the aforementioned deed with the northeasterly side of
4 Heatherdell Road; thence running along the last mentioned northeasterly
5 boundary line of Anthony, North 46° 02' 20" West 344.66 feet to a point;
6 thence running North 49° 20' 10" East 551.65 feet and North 17° 14' 40"
7 East 1005.00 feet to a corner in said land; thence running South 80° 25'
8 50" East 899.49 feet to the northerly line of Sprain Brook Parkway;
9 thence running along said lands the following courses and distances:
10 South 16° 58' 39" East 49.00 feet, South 43° 57' 57" West 734.75 feet,
11 South 61° 17' 40" West 135.00 feet and South 43° 57' 40" West 1067.57
12 feet to the point or place of BEGINNING, containing 20.46 acres more or
13 less.
14 TOGETHER with and subject to an easement in common with others over
15 the existing driveway running from Heatherdell Road through premises and
16 premises adjoining as set forth in Liber 3929 of conveyances, page 165,
17 and utility easements as recorded in the Book of Conveyances in Liber
18 5389, Page 204, and in Liber 5950, page 320.
19 ALSO known on the Official Tax Map of the Town of Greenburgh as Volume
20 8, Sheet 4, Parcel 4B, and of the Village of Ardsley as Sheet 1, Parcel
21 37B.
22 § 4. Should the leased park lands described in sections one and three
23 of this act cease to be used for the purposes described therein, the
24 lease shall terminate and those lands shall revert to the town of Green-
25 burgh for public park and recreational purposes.
26 § 5. Such leased park land and improvements described in sections one
27 and three of this act shall be made available to the general public on
28 an equitable basis. Where availability of such public facilities is
05/09/12 4 15742-03-2
1 limited, the use of such facilities must be determined by a written
2 policy, developed, posted and administered by the lessee in conjunction
3 with the town of Greenburgh.
4 § 6. The provisions of this act shall not affect any rights or deed
5 restrictions pursuant to the terms, conditions, and provisions of the
6 deed conveying interest in the park land described in this act to the
7 town of Greenburgh.
8 § 7. This act shall take effect immediately.

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